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English for International Relations

English for International Relations and Diplomacy

The course offers a unique opportunity for participants to hone a range of field-specific language skills. Designed to progressively lead students from a predominantly skills-based type of language instruction to a more content-driven type of instruction. Course has been designed for professionals working in all parts of the world where effective and unambiguous communication is vital to securing and maintaining successful diplomatic relations.  Whatever your diplomatic field, it is not enough simply to speak English well. In order to operate at the highest diplomatic level, the ability to understand the subtleties and nuances of the English language and deliver with confidence is paramount.  English for Diplomacy will provide you with:  Greater diplomacy in your spoken and written language, More professional representation of your country, Greater command in your choice of language.

The course covers:

Democratic Government
Politics, Economics and Pluralism
Modern World and the role of IR in dealing with contemporary challenges
Conflict, Compromise and Consensuses;
Participation; Voting, Political Parties, Protest, The News Media, Democracy and Economics

Course duration:    3 months
Duration of the lessons 2 hours
Classes are delivered 2 times per week
Course price:  400 GEL

The price includes:  study materials, certificate
Upper Intermediate  level of English is a must



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