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English for Hotel Industry

If you are already working, or intend to work in the hotel industry, then this course is right for you. It will help you to speak, write, read and understand the English you need . The course is for students at the elementary and lower - intermediate levels. Its primary aim is to teach you to speak to and understand guests at the hotel where you work, in order to make their stay more comfortable and your job more enjoyable.

The course has:

• Reception work
• Restaurant and bar work
• Answering the phone and taking messages
• Writing short emails and letters
• Dealing with guests' problems
• Explaining how things work
• Giving directions inside and outside hotel
• Suggesting places to visit

You will have a chance to do presentations on different topics, fulfill different practical assignments

Course duration: 2 months
Duration of the lessons 2 hours
Classes are delivered 2 times per week
Course price: 300 GEL
Pre-intermediate level of English is a must

.English For Tourism

Oxford English for Careers is a new, up - to - date course where you learn what you need to know for a career in Tourism. Learn the English you need to do the job. Practise language in real work situations. Learn special vocabulary on every page. The course gives you the language, information, and skills you need to start or develop your career.
The course covers :

What is tourism
World destinations
Tour operators
Tourist motivations
Travel agencies
Transport in tourism
Marketing and promotion
The airline industry, etc.

Course duration:  3 months
Duration of the lesსons 2 hours
Classes are delivered 2 times per week
Course price:  400 GEL
The price includes:  eBooks, audio and extra materials, certificate
Pre-Intermediate  level of English is a must



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