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Internships Abroad



Program Description Accommodation Country City Total Program Fee Salary Duration Field Requirements Start Dates
Paid Internships+English Language Course Extra fee: approx. 200 EUR/week Ireland Dublin from 3400 EUR 200 EUR/week; 400 EUR/week during 2 months of holidays  6 months language course, 2 months holidays Hospitality English B1 Any time
Unpaid internship at the hotels+English language course. (Program fee includes excursions, transport card) Half board residence, included Czech Republic Prague 1500 EUR - 1 month Hospitality English B1 August
Ecotourism - Theory and practice at Mendel University B&B at the same hotel, included Czech Republic Brno 990 EUR - 14 days Hospitality English B1 Any time during study year 
French language+paid job Extra fee: approx. 300 EUR/week France Paris, Bordeaux from 2350 EUR min. 1100 EUR/month At least 2 weeks of French course; 3-12 months work contract Hospitality French B1, age: 18-30; working holiday visa Once a month
French language+internship Extra fee: approx. 300 EUR/week France Paris, Bordeaux, Nice from 2150 EUR - At least 2 weeks of French course; 2-6 months internship Business, Law, arts, hospitality, media, social sciences etc. French B1, age: 18-30; if lasts more than 3 months, a trainee visa Once a month 
English (general, business or TEOFL)+internship, Professional Development Activity Package Extra fee: 280-600 USD/week 


Boston, Miami, San Francisco  from 5200 USD 12 weeks (can be more) Business, HR, Marketing, Finances, Hospitality, Retail, Fashion, Non-profit etc.  English B2; age: min. 18; F-1 Visa  Any time 
 Italian+internship EXtra fee: starting from 170 EUR/week


Florence, Milan from 1740 EUR  -  2 months (can be 3, 4 months) at least 1 month of Italian course Hospitality, Restaurants and bakeries, law, architecture, PR/Marketing,  Fashion (Business, Merchandising, Design) Design (Interior, Graphic, Industrial) Photography etc.  Italian B1 Throughout the year except August, December during Christmas time 



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